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Discography: Conrado Paulino Quartet.

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Musical Style: Brazilian Jazz, Jazz, Música Contemporânea Brasileira, Instrumental Music.
Description: In this episode we recive the musician and composer Conrado Paulino.
Site: www.conradopaulino.com.br
E-mail: conrado@conradopaulino.com.br

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Release: Conrado Paulino
The style of guitarist, composer and arranger Conrado Paulino is an original fusion of three major musical schools. The first one embraces the repertoire of Brazilian music, a universe from which his creative basis takes its shape. The second one reveals itself in a jazzy influence that becomes conspicuous in the modern harmony concept and open spaces for improvisation of his arrangements. The last one is a reliance on classic guitar techniques, notably in his use of arpeggios and counter-melodies. In short, a great mixture of brazilian repertoire, jazzy language and classical techniques.

Conrado’s work comprises the rediscovering and recreation of Brazilian popular music themes as he mingles the ideas of the original authors with his own, mixing acclaimed compositions with unpublished ones. He presents his research, compositions, and arrangements in concerts, performing as a solo artist or with his group, the Conrado Paulino Quartet.

Conrado has accompanied several acclaimed Brazilian popular music artists such as Rosa Passos, Alaíde Costa, Johnny Alf and Sueli Costa and as instrumentalist played with such well-known names as Zimbo Trio, Paulinho Nogueira, Heraldo do Monte, Luiz Chaves and Hector Costita, among others.
He has written many arrangements for singer Alaíde Costa and has recently written most of the arrangements for singer Marcia Mah’s CD “Apanhado”. Between 1987 and 1999 he worked as teacher and headed of the String Department at CLAM, the Zimbo Trio’s music school. He taught several artists that later went on to gain public acclaim in the Brazilian music scene such as Chico César, Nuno Mindelis, Tomati, Camilo Carrara and Fernando Corrêa. He also was the Lessons Editor of the brazilian issue of Guitar Player Magazine.
He presently teaches at ULM (Sao Paulo State University of Music). Conrado is available for clinics, workshops and performances solo, as guest soloist or whit his quartet.


The musical concept of the Conrado Paulino Quartet balances the typical Brazilian swing, with modern harmony and a great openness for improvisation. Consisting of Conrado Paulino (acoustic guitar, Midi guitar and arrangements), Débora Picarelli Gurgel (flute and piano), Celso de Almeida (drums), and Marinho Andreotti (acoustic & electric bass), the band plays instrumental Brazilian music, presenting original and sophisticated reinterpretations of the compositions of famous songwriters such as Tom Jobim, Edu Lobo, Ivan Lins, Luis Bonfá, Dorival Caymmi, and Caetano Veloso.
Included in this repertoire are “Doralice”, “Vivo Sonhando”, “Choro Bandido”, “Samba da minha terra”, “A felicidade” and also Conrado’s own works such as the beautiful waltz “Isabel”, the fast tempo baião "Salada Nordestina" and the samba-choro “Samba da Catalina”.

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