Léa Freire and Thomas Clausen.

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: 60
Musical Style: Jazz, brazilian Jazz and instrumental music.
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Discography: Thomas Clausen.

TC Brazillian Quartet + Friends - Balacobaco
Mona Larsen - Never Let Me Go
Thomas Clausen Trio - My Favorite Things
Thomas Clausen Brazillian Quartet - Prelude To A Kiss
Thomas Clausen Brazillian Quartet - Follow The Moon
Thomas Clausen/Hans Ullrik - Danske Sange
Thomas Clausen/Severi Pyysalo - Turn Out The Stars
Thomas Clausen/Celso Mendes - Festa
Thomas Clausen Trio - Psalm
T C Trio plus Gary Burton - Flowers And Trees
T C Trio plus Gary Burton - Café Noir
Thomas Clausen Solopiano -Piano Music
Thomas Clausen Trio - She Touched Me
Miles Davis - Aura
Entrance - P.M.´s Journey To...
Thomas Clausen Trio - The Shadow Of Bill Evans
Thomas Clausen Trio - Rain
Mirror - Mirror

Episode #03-2006- Léa Freire and Thomas Clausen.


Release: Léa Freire
Has played with many Brazilian musicians and singers, such as Alaide Costa, Nana Caymmi, Filo Machado, Nelson Ayres, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Elton Medeiros, Mozar Terra, Eduardo Gudin, Luis Carlos Borges, Nico Assumpçao, Guilherme Vergueiro, Bocato, Michel Freidenson, Edson Alves, Hermeto Pascoal, Joyce, Arrigo Barnabe, Itibere Zwarg, Cauby Peixoto, and others, at recording sections and shows.

Her first CD, “Ninhal” (meaning the collective of birds nests), is still very well received by public and critic and some of the songs, specially “Vatapa” have been recorded already in Japan, German, Italy, USA and by various artists in Brazil. Fully recognized as a very creative composer, some of her pieces are now being played by flutists in concerts in Europe and USA. In Sept 98 she played at Miami University and the Blue Note in NY, as a special guest of Teco Cardoso, and recorded her second album - “Quinteto”, co-produced by Núcleo Contemporâneo, featuring her duo with sax and flute player Teco Cardoso, released in 99. In 2005 released her album with trombonist Bocato – “Brazilian Song Anthology – vol.1” featuring the most beautiful balads of Brazilian composers such as Nelson Cavaquinho, Ary Barroso, Tom Jobim, Lupicinio Rodrigues and others. This album was extremely well received by critics and public and the vol.2 is highly expected for the second semester.

As a producer of Brazilian Contemporary Instrumental Music and acting also as an copyright editor for this music, Maritaca - her label and copywright company – she has already more than twenty items in the catalog – featuring names like Arismar do Espirito Santo, Filo Machado, Bocato, Vinicius Dorin, Thiago Espirito Santo, Silvia Goes, Tibo Delor, Edu Ribeiro, Mane Silveira, Teco Cardoso, Guello, Naylor “Proveta” Azevedo, Laercio de Freitas and many others.

“The appearance of Lea Freire in the musical scenery is more than a special happening. She was known already as an exceptional flute player; but as a composer she excels herself. She is one of the most complete musicians I know and stands in the front line of the most creative music that is happening in Brazil today, together with Guinga, Edu Lobo and other well known composers.” - Joyce

Release: Thomas Clausen
AAccording to Gyldendals “The Great Danish Encyclopedia”, Thomas Clausen is “Danish jazz piano player and composer, who inspired by both jazz and recent European composition from the beginning of the 1980´s has become one of the important musicians in European Jazz. He´s equally appreciated as a solo piano player, trio leader and accompanist for leading American musicians. Further he has worked as a composer for a large ensembles in a way, that reveals Alban Berg as a main influence.”

So far for the encyclopedia... But there are other things to say about Thomas Clausen.

He grow up in a musical home. Both parents were teaching mathematics, but while the father was playing a strong and able jazz piano in swing style, the mother came from a family of singers. The apple - or apples - don´t fall far from the tree as you say; so both Thomas ad his brother Bent as a vibraphonist and drummer, recently also a conductor on Tom Wait´s and Robert Wilson´s big theatre pieces “Wozzeck” & “The Black Rider”.

Thomas Clausen was very young when he began playing with the great players of jazz. His energetic but lyrical piano playing was discovered by Dexter Gordon (1969); at the same time he began working in Palle Mikkelbog´s big projects and small groups (Riel/MikkelborgV8” and “Entrance” (the CD “Palle Mikkelborg´s Journey To...”)). And soon he began playing regularly with the bass players NHOP, Bo Stief & Mads Vinding - and with the drummers Alex Riel, Bjarne Rostvold & Kasper Winding. He managed to comp a number of international jazzstars - in the old now gone “Jazzhus Montmartre” in Store Regnegade in Copenhagen:
Ben Webster (1972), Elvin Jones, Jan Garbarek, Joe Henderson, Phil Woods, Lee Konitz, Stan Getz, Chet Baker, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis (the LP”Swingin´Till The Girls Come Home”), Jackie Mclean & Gary Bartz (the LP “Ode To Super”) and Jonny Grifin (the CD “And The Greats Danes”) Just to name a few...

In the middle of 80´s he was a reular member of the Peter Herboltzheimer International Big Band in Germany ( The LP “More Bebob”).

The wish to form his own band was fulfilled in 1978, when he started the group Mirror, which also recorded his first LP own compositions.
(“Mirror”/CBS/1979). Here the music had aready taken a strongly melodic turn after the studies of modern compositional tecnique whith composer Ib Noerholm at the Royal Danish Music Knservatorium.

In 1979 he formed his first jazz trio, which had NHOP on bass and Aage Tanggaard on drums. This trio recorded two albuns, witch were very positively recived by the press and audience. “Raim” (1980) with mainly own compositions and “The Shadow of Bill Evans”, (1983). Which the Japanese recording label (Baystate) wanted to be a tribute to the recently deceased Bill Evans. So the LP accordingly contains z number of arrangements of tunes that are connected with Bill Evans. In more than one instance a kind of re-composition of the material.
In 1987 he put together his 2nd jazz trio with Mads Vinding (b) and Alex Riel (dr). In 1988 this trio recorded the CD/LP “She Touched Me” for the german label MA Music. Here Again mainly standard tunes in new dresses. The trio participated in the 1st Jazz “par” concerts (Copenhagen, Odense & Paris) in 1990, where it performed with the American vibes player Gary Burton. The collaboration lasted a couple of years and led to the recording of CD’s: “Café Noir” (1990) and “Flowers & Trees” (1991), and a fine concert in the Cirkus Building at the Copenhagen Jazz festival in 1994.

This trio recorded another CD just as a trio in 1994: “Psalm”.

By mid 90´s he was moving into new directions wen he began a collaboration with Brazilian guitarist/ composer Celso Mendes, who introduced him to a number of Brazilian musicians living in Denmark and Germany. The result can be heard on “Festa” (Olufsen, 1995). From this collaboration emerged the emerged then his “Thomas Clausen Brazilian Quartet”. By his side was again his old friend Jan zum Vohrde. And so were the brazilian musicians Fernando de Marco (bass) & Alfonso Correa (drums).

So far this quartet has recorded 3 CD’s – For STUNT Records:
 “Follow of moon” (1998) , originals + some Corea & Ivan Lins
“Prelude to a Kiss” (2000), originals + some Ellington and Jobim
 “Balacobaco” (2003), only originals, a mix of choro and classical inspiration.
On this the most recent CD the group is extended to an octet with both Mikkel Nordsoe (guitar) and Madame Clude Harptrio, which consists of Pia Kaufmanas (Flute), Ida Speyer Froen (viola) & Tine Rehling (harp).

Thomas Clausen Brazilian Octet now has the status of “Special Ensemble”, and his getting support from the “Kunststyrelsen”.

Discography: Léa Freire.

Produced by: Teco Cardoso, co-produzido por Léa Freire.
Recorded at: Kampo Studios - NY -USA.
Year: 2005.

1. Sorriso do Gordo - Léa Freire
2. Risco - Léa Freire
3. Pena Que a Vovó Não Está Aqui - Benjamim Taubkin
+ Giant Steps (John Coltrane)
4. Fé - Léa Freire
5. Vatapá (Das Carnival) - Léa Freira & Joice
6. Oxaguiã - Léa Freire
7. In a Sentimental Mood - D. Ellington, Mills, Kurtz
8. Maré - Léa Freire.

Album: Léa Freire & Bocato – Antologia da Canção Brasileira, vol.1
Produced by: Léa Freire.
Recorded at: VIBE - SP - Brasil.
Year: 2004.

1. Andorinha - Antônio Carlos Jobim
2. Folha Morta - Ary Barroso
3. Imagens - Luiz Eça / Aloysio de Oliveira
4. Blue Note - Fátima Guedes / Filó Machado
5. As Rosas Não Falam - Cartola
6. Luz Negra - Nelson Cavaquinho / Amâncio Cardoso
7. Nunca - Lupicinio Rodrigues
8. Nossos Momentos - Haroldo Barbosa / Luiz Reis
9. Neste Mesmo Lugar - Klecius Caldas / Armando Cavalcante
10. Boa Noite Amor - José Maria de Abreu / Francisco Mattoso

Album: Léa Freire & Bocato – Antologia da Canção Brasileira, vol.2
Produzido por: Léa Freire.
Recorded at: VIBE - SP - Brasil.
Year: 2004.

1. Feitio de Oração - Noel Rosa e Vadico
2. Pra Dizer Adeus - Edu Lobo e Torquato Neto
3. Notícia - Nelson Cavaquinho, Guilherme Brito e Alcides Caminha
4. Só por Amor - Vinícius de Moraes e Baden Pawell
5. Lígia - Antônio Carlos Jobim
6. Risque - Ary Barroso
7. Refém da Solidão - Paulo César Pinheiro e Baden Powell
8. Matriz e Filial - Lucio Cardim
9. Pra Machucar Meu Coração - Ary Barroso
10. Eu sonhei que tu Estavas tão linda - Lamartine Babo e Francisco Mattoso.

Album: Ninhal
Produced by: Sizão Machado
Recorded at: Estúdio InSonoris
Year: 1997.

1. Samba de Mulher - Léa Freire & Joyce
2. Tequila - Léa Freire
3. Fererê - Léa Freire
4. Freevo - Léa Freire & Joyce
5. Cruzes - Léa Freira
6. Casa da Sogra - Léa Freire & Joyce
7. Tanto Canto - Léa Freire & Cláudio Ferrete
8. Vatapá - Léa Freire & Joyce
9. Oásis - Léa Freire & Joyce
10. Maria Rita - Léa Freire
11. Let's do it - Léa Freire & Jean Garfunkel


Buena Onda - 2006 - Todos os direitos reservados.


Songs in order of appearance:
00:00 - Program song*.
00:22 - Opening and presentation Léa Freire and Thomas Clausen.
02:46 - Song Name: “Sorriso do Gordo”.
 -Composer: Léa Freire.
- CD: Quinteto - 2005.
07:10 - Interview - Part 2.
08:28 - Song Name: “Academica 3”.
 -Composer: Thomas Clausen.
- CD: Prelude to a Kiss - 2005.
15:20 - Interview - Part 3.
22:46 - Song Name: “Samba de mulher”.
 -Composer: Léa Freire.
- CD: Ninhal - 2005.
28:40 - Interview - Part 4.
37:16 - Song Name: “Chorinho”.
 -Composer: Thomas Clausen.
 - CD: Prelude to a kiss.
41:50 - Interview - Part 5.
43:50 - Song Name: “Fé”.
 -Composer: Léa Freire.
- CD: Quinteto - 2005.
49:80 - Song Name:Interview - Part 6.
54:22Song Name:”Tom Choppin”.
Thomas Clausen.
Prelude to a kiss.
62:00 - Program Song*.
*Program Song: “Mãos Dadas” - Composer: Michel Leme.